Techtain is a socio-commerce website that helps you find who’s parting with what you need or who wants what you’re ready to give away. This way we are all empowered to “rediscover community and valuables”. We believe, together, you and us can foster a greener and sustainable environment. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Techtain empowers us all to trash less, fill up our dumpsters much slower, and recycle only what has been optimally used, thereby incinerating less frequently – and as an end result, we pollute minimally. Students can use Techtain to facilitate flow [of books, futons, fridges, accessories etc…anything] around dorms and apartments on campus. For non-students, Techtain is a utility that allows them discover valuables of old and new friends; as such, they can get items from their colleagues, friends, and other families within neighborhoods and cities across the nation.

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